Tilt Five is an augmented reality gaming system that goes on top of your head. It is worn by players all around the same table as they participate in games that are meant for tabletop. They went on Kickstarter in mid-September searching for funding of $450,000, and with just 27 days remaining, they are near $1 million in funding. Not only did they surpass their goal, they did so by doubling it in less than two weeks. This is clearly the start of a company that is here to stay. 

The Tilt Five AR headset is a small $300 for the entire package. Compared to other AR headsets, this is an insanely small price for a headset that has amazing capabilities. This is going to revolutionize the way people play tabletop games as multiple players with the headset can gather around and play hundreds of games without any setup or take down. 

Unlike most AR headsets, this isn’t done by a traditional lens and display setup. It rather hides a mini projector which shoots it’s light onto a rectroreflective pad that is resting on the tabletop, turning the pad on the table the display. This makes it easy for the glasses to sync up together as well. This doesn’t mean that you can see the display if you don’t have a headset though, as that will still be required. 

The pad will bounce the image back to the glasses giving users the chance to see from their exact perspective and see a real view that is unique to them. If you go to the Kickstarter page for the Tilt Five, the CEO and co-founder Jeri Ellsworth said that “When we started designing the Tilt Five system our focus wasn’t on the technology for technology’s sake.  We wanted to provide an amazing gaming experience that blends the things you love about video games and board games. And we wanted it to be just as fun when playing solo, together with your friends, or even when you’re apart.”

Yes, the technology is fantastic, but they weren’t trying to be revolutionary with the technology. The company was simply looking to add some fun and excitement into the lives of the people that love to game together. Their page goes on to say more insightful information, as that will be included below. 


Tilt Five was designed from the ground up to be equally fun for video games, board games, and everything in between.  You get all the advantages of video games- saving your games when your quests run too long, digital training and rules assistance to help you learn games faster, network play, and the ability to stream your game to your adoring fans on Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube.  

You also get completely new capabilities- your own private perspective to plan your next move in secret, dynamic story telling tools to impress your adventurers in your next RPG campaign, and the melding of physical and virtual game objects.  

You get your own private perspective.  Now you no longer have to find creative ways to hide your strategies or next move from your friends.  Everyone has their own private view into the holographic game space.  As a DM this feature gives you an amazing tool to map out your campaign and heighten your story telling. 


This headset continues to impress, and as the goal is gaining hundreds of dollars each day, this headset is only going to gain popularity and customers. For more AR and VR news and updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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