AIXR has come out with the officially nominees for the third annual VR Rewards, a ceremony dedicated to celebrating and recognizing the most outstanding achievements inside of the virtual reality industry. 

AIXR goes out of their way each year for making this one of the greatest events of the year for these companies. They will recognize the best hardware, social experience, VR film, games, and even the best marketing campaigns. This isn’t just some high school back-gym production either. This will be a black-tie event with the red carpet being rolled out. It will take place on the 11th of November in London. 

Choosing a winner for all of these categories will be tough, that is why AIXR has delegated the responsibilities to 80 expert judges that will all work together to find what is the best of each category, and why. They will also be providing explanations to each company and what they expect more of. 

One expert says that they will be looking for not only for the best things, but what ideas have the most potential going forward. This means in education, safety, health, and even the best entertainment avenues. 

In an official press release, we saw Daniel Colainni, the CEO of AIXR say “The VR Awards is a platform of growth for the innovators, pioneers and creatives of tomorrow, the finalists announced today deserve to be where they are, and deserve to be celebrated for their outstanding work,” Colaianni adding, “The VR Awards strives to recognize all areas of this flourishing industry as it continues to grow.”  

VR Hardware of the Year: 

VR Game of the Year:

VR Film of the Year:

VR Experience of the Year:

VR Marketing of the Year: 

Innovative VR Company of the Year: 

VR Education & Training of the Year: 

VR Healthcare of the Year: 

Out of Home VR Entertainment of the Year: 

VR Social Impact Award: 

VR Enterprise Solution of the Year: 

Rising VR Company of the Year: 


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