The biggest virtual reality film up to date is set to make a reappearance in theaters in the coming years. The Matrix starting Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss is going to have a sequel in the coming years. The series was most famous for introducing the idea of bullet time and expanding the worlds theories on what life could really be. All of this is going to reintroduced when the fourth movie of the series hits theaters. 

This Matrix movie will be written and directed by Lana Wachowski. This film isn’t expected to even start production until mid 2020, but locking up their main cast already is a high win for film going forward. Neo (played by Reeves) and Trinity (played by Moss) already have chemistry, so this movie is expected to be better than ever. 

For those who made it this far and are still slightly confused on how virtual reality and the Matrix go together, we will give a small history lesson. The Matrix first made its appearance in 1999. The move is about humans that are trapped in a virtual reality prison while they are fed on and eaten by a race fo sentient machines. In the process, the office worker Neo and the master hacker Trinity team up with Morpheus to establish human residence. This spreads inside and outside the virtual program. 

You have time to catch up on the films and how they are structured. The newest film won’t be released for a few years, so even watching one movie a year will get the job done. If you’re more of a theater type of person, AMC will be hosting screenings of the movie for 10 days in celebration of the 20th anniversary. This is sure to make the theater a gobble of extra money in just a short amount of time, as this movie is still a classic to this day. 

In total, the moves collected over $1.6 billion at the global box office. For a movie about the uncertain, it is impressive to see numbers like that. With the ending of the this movie, it also is in question of how this fourth movie will play. Whether it be a prequel or sequel, we are sure it will be one of the best movies of the decade. 

In other movie news, we saw Sony and Marvel end negotiations that would keep Spider-Man as a part of the MCU. This means that the beloved Peter Parker will no longer be in any Marvel films. This is not a good sign for either sides, but with failing to agree on a revenue split that seemed even, both will have to be without each other for now. 

There have been rumblings that Tom Holland, the adored 23 year old actor, will no longer play Spider-Man if he isn’t going to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He first entered in with the movie Civil War back in 2016, and has been exclusive to Sony and Marvel in the process. If anyone had the potential to fill Robert Downy Jr’s shoes as Iron Man, it was Holland. 

With Spider-Man: Far From Home likely being his last film in the MCU, it is going to be interesting how both Sony and Marvel will recover. Marvel was banking on him being the future, with massive cliffhangers and future references in the final movie. Sony was most popular with Spider-Man because of his teaming up with the Avengers. Neither side are in good position right now for the future, and the negations seem to be at a complete stand-still. If Spidy is going to be joining his friends in the MCU, both sides will quickly have to come to terms. 


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