Etee started as a Kickstarter campaign, but quickly turned into a VR controller on the horizon of being released to the funders and the general public. This is a SteamVR 6DoF controller that is going to be shipping within the next few months. The company that is producing the controllers, TG0 have some experience with 3D controls and interactive experiences. This is shaping up to be a premier way to interact with your virtual environment. 

New Controls

Etee is five-finger tracking controller for virtual reality. The controller isn’t just for gamers though, as developers and corporate VR users are going to be incentivized to use TG0’s latest creation. These controllers are anything but basic, as they seem far more advanced than any other VR input. The Valve Index controllers seem like a fair comparison, but upon early examination, the Valve controllers might be too limited in their abilities. 

The Etee controller not only tracks each finger, but it also has a grip for each controller, as well as a trigger for each hand. For the thumb input, the joystick is embed into the controller. This also doubles as a trackpad when the moment presents itself. 

Each finger has its own pressure sensor, furthering the possibiliers inside of virtual reality. The Valve controllers simple track if your fingers are on the controller, and there is only one grip input. The Etee controller allows each controller to act independently. 

Added Features

There are plenty of great and exciting features of this controller. On their official website, they list out what the best features are. We have included those below. 

  • full 6DOF enable you to engage with your environment fully, irrespective of where your head and eyes are turned. 
  • give the small form factor you can use other physical objects while still holding on to the controllers
  • very lightweight and can be used for extended periods of time
  • sweat resistant can easily be used in more fitness oriented games and activities
  • very efficient battery life – current version offers 4-5h of continuous use, 14-16 standby 
  • gesture sensing
  • intuitive and accessible, no buttons – just pure natural hand motion and finger inputs

When you watch the demo video, you see how well-made these controllers are. They are going to be modified before release to work better with the SteamVR sensors, but for the most part, they are a finished product. The sweat resistance is a fun feature as well, as these controllers seem as if they were made for Beat Saber. They are lightweight and hand a handle-like shell. This may be the next step to working out inside of VR. 

CES and Beyond

The Etee controller is also being shown and and used at CES later this week. We are excited get our hands on this controller and report how is works. As always, the true test of a controller and it’s tracking abilities is the Beat Saber test. Playing on Expert + with the controllers, after a slight warmup for the tracking, is a perfect way to test the controller. The Valve controllers passed this test with flying colors, as the Vive Cosmos controllers didn’t. We are excited to test out the Etee controllers. More updates to come on this new possible input for virtual reality. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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