It is no secret that SUPERHOT VR is one of the best VR games ever made, and it also isn’t a secret that SUPERHOT itself is popular on all platforms, excluding virtual reality headsets. The VR game was first released on the original Rift about three years ago, and since then has made its way to each and every virtual reality headset on the market. Whether you are trying to unlock the true power of the Oculus Quest’s standalone capabilities or you are simply getting a good leg workout with the Vive Pro, your headset is going to support this game. It is important to note that this game doesn’t offer cross-buy support for any platform. 

If you are unfamiliar, SUPERHOT is a game that only moves when you do. This game is fun on the desktop and console, but it truly shines its brightest inside of a virtual realist headset. This game makes you feel like a mix between Dr. Strange, Ethan Hunt, and maybe even a little John Cena. When you are inside of this game, you will quickly lose track of time and find yourself in a puzzle with your body. 

What is most impressive about the $2 Million threshold that was broken last week is where people bought the game. This tweet didn’t reference SUPERHOT  itself, but only SUPERHOT VR. This means that from PS VR to the Oculus Quest, nearly 80,000 copies of this game were sold in the week of Christmas. This is not only a record-breaking number for any VR game, but this is likely the top sold game on any platform from the past week. For a VR game to do this, it is promising and astonishing to see. UploadVR reached out to Callum Underwood for a detailed response on his tweet, and he responded saying the following: 

“We’re releasing these sales numbers not to brag, but to provide insight into what a successful game can bring in VR. We tend not to involve ourselves in ‘VR is dead’ or ‘year of VR?’ conversations, as we mostly just enjoy making games… and then working on making those games make money! Thanks to all the new, existing, and returning players.. we hope your holiday period is as good as ours! I can point to holiday sales of hardware, smart discounts we applied on various platforms based on IndieBI data, and the fact that we’re consistently listed in ‘top games’… but I also have to point to the designers and developers of SUPERHOT VR for making our (the biz team) job easy. The success of SUPERHOT VR is due to them.”

The SUPERHOT Team is very savvy with how they market the game, but this is one of the most impressive feats in VR gaming history. It should not be going unnoticed. What makes this even more impressive is the ability to do this with their game on Viveport Infinity. Viveport Infinity is the top VR subscription (and the only game subscription inside of the VR community) and has had SUPERHOT for nearly a month. Either not many VR users know of this service, or many would much rather have the rights to own this game. Either way, numbers like this are sure to hold records for months and possibly years to come. 

If Beat Saber wanted to join the party and show off some numbers from the games sold to their packs being sold, we are sure that they would look somewhat similar, even though SUPERHOT has no paid DLC, unlike Beat Saber. We would love to see some comparisons between the two studios for money made this last week. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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