When I was first introduced the Steam Store, I was thoroughly impressed with the entire store. Now that a few years have passed and the competition has not only caught up, but passed Steam, the entire community has been unimpressed with the lack of updates to the Steam Store. That narrative is finally going to be squashed on the 17th of this month. The new Steam Store will go open beta and will allow any and all users to experience the news version. 

The new store is going to take your games into top priority. Many people have over a decades worth of games in their library, so making that easy to access is a key part of a good user experience. The exact quote from the Steam Community website is going to be written below, and it gets us pretty excited to try it out. 

“The new Steam library was built with the belief that our libraries are valuable to us – for some customers, they contain more than fifteen years of games. From your absolute favorite AAA title that all your friends are playing, to that solo indie art project that only you seem to love, your Steam library represents your gaming history.

But, a good library shouldn’t just be dusty shelves, it has to be a fun place to explore and find whatever it is that you’re looking for. Whether you want to keep up to date about what’s happening with your games, find a game to play with your friends, or explore what’s happening in your game’s community, your library should support you.”

The new landing page of the website (if you are logged in) is the library page. Here, you will be able to categorize your games as you please, and you will be able to pick which ones see you when you log in as well. 

Steam is also making it very easy to stay connected with your games and your friends. Although this has been a very prominent feature in the past, it will be even better with the newest update. You will be able to see if and when a game got updated, what the update is going to do for users, and when the next update is expected. On top of that, you will be able to see what your friends have been up to in the Steam world as well. 

The new store is going to allow you to see what games your friends have been playing, as well as how much time they have spent on said game. This is like a new way to make sure your friends aren’t slowly turning in a couch potato. You will also be able to see which games you own that your friends are playing. This is going to make it incredibly easy to hop online and get into a multiplayer mode with your best buds. 

Lastly, Steam is making sure you never miss a limited-time mode or special event ever again. It is bound to happen with you not knowing what is going inside of your favorite game, but now, Steam is going to be notifying users when they receive valuable information from the developers and the community. This isn’t limited to big-time updates and changes either. You will be able to go into settings and customize your notification settings. This was all clearly designed with the gamer in mind, an dit is very refreshing to see a company the size of Steams to be making their experience better in every way. For more VR gaming news and updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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