Spider-Man: Far From Home is easily the best Marvel VR title up to date, but the competition never posed a real threat. This game is far from perfect, but didn’t have to be in order to claim itself the best Spidey VR game. 

This game follow-up of Spider-Man: Homecoming in VR. Once news broke about Far From Home VR, we knew it wouldn’t take much to beat the Spidey game that came before it. Sony Picture Virtual Reality teamed up with CreateVR for an opportunity to make a game that users could love. Although there is roughly 15 minutes of Story Mode gameplay, this game has something every Spidey fan can come together and love. Web Swinging in virtual reality. 

To access this incredible feature, all you need to do is point your controller at the building you wish to swing to, and hold the trigger button. Once this has been done, you will be swinging from building to building just like Peter Parker. It doesn’t take much to get in the air, which is the biggest reason for this game being played by so many. 

When you are at the main menu for the game, you are faced with either Free Play or Story Mode. With Story Mode, you will completely a tutorial before you start the game, but with Free Play you will be thrown off the building with no prior training. It is very jarring at first, but learning the controls in a matter of seconds was very easy and predictable. 

Within minutes of downloading the Spider-Man: Far From Home, you will be flying from building to building with no regard for the typical human life. This isn’t as easy as controlling Spidey with a PS4 controller on the latest PlayStation Spider-Man game, but knowing how far this series has come, this is quite impressive. There is plenty to improve on, but this is a great start to an ever-growing series. 

The locomotion system is far from perfect. Just seconds into my new suit, I couldn’t help but say “Mr Stark, I don’t feel so good…”. There is a quick fix to the motion sickness you might experience, and that is to put the game into immersive mode. I have found that the comfortable mode is far less immersive, and also far less comfortable. Stay away form that setting. When swinging from building to building, it feels more like a grapple system rather than an actual swing. If you are familiar with how the real swinging motion works, you know you are going to experience high and low points. With this game, it felt like once you are attached to building, you were slowly ascending to it. This didn’t take away from the game itself, although it is something you will notice from time to time. 

With all of that being said, swinging in New York is everything you’d expect it to be. The free falls you experience are adrenaline pumping, and if you’re lucky enough to grab a wall, Spidey knows what to do. You will be immediately attached to the wall if you swing all the way to one, and when you look up you will be crawling to the top of the building. It honestly is one of the coolest features of the game. 

The sound effects in this game can be a bit repetitive, as you hear Tom Holland making Spidey grunts in your ear every few seconds. There is not much variation tp the web noises, although we are unsure what those sound like in the real world anyway. 

Overall, this game will keep you entertained for the better part of an hour. After you beat the Story Mode, the only reason you will come back frequently is to  swing thing lower Manhattan with the coolest suits in the world. Because this game is free, it is well worth the download and worth your time. 


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