In the not too distant future, we are all going to be connected with a robotic machine one way or another. We are already, to an extent. Our phones are extensions of our knowledge, our watches know every move, and our digital calendars know where we will be. In the years to come, we are going to be greeted by robots with the ability to move, complete tasks, and even be a substitute of ourselves. 

Robo Recall takes place in the future. After we have these robots serving us, they have all turned bad. It is your mission in this game to recall all of the robots you can, how ever you can. In this game you are going to be using guns primarily, and hands when necessary. You are going to shoot the bots down, rip them apart, and even slap them with their own arms to defeat them. There is many ways, but the right way is when they are no longer walking. 

As you are introduced to the gameplay and movements inside of the game, you will notice an eerie feeling of immersion. The way the robots turn to you when they are being recalled is not pleasant. Then you are forced to kill them, which only adds to your fun. The trigger button on the Touch Controllers are what you are going to be using to fire your weapons, regardless of what they are. 

One thing that I wish was different about this game was the holding of guns. I understand it makes sense to utilize the grip button on the controllers but holding the grip down the entirety of your time with the gun can be tedious and frustrating. For me, this lead to some frustration as my guns would often slip out my hands when I need them most. Although it hinder the overall experience of the game, it was something I wish they did differently. Sairento is a great example of how to use the grip of the controllers better. 

The way you move in this game is quick and efficient, but it can lead to motion sickness if you are using it too much. The way you do it is by simply moving your thumb stick and pointing it. Because it is so easy and fast to use, it is also very easy to accidentally use. This can make a quick trip full of motion sickness very often while playing this game. 

For the most part of this game, you are going to be using pistols. For the entire game, you are going to be using hand held weapons. Everything you do will be able to be done with only one hand. This makes for fun gameplay that is easy for anyone and everyone to toss on and simply play. 

Catching bullets like a true agent can be tricky in real life (or impossible), but Robo Recall has turned it into a fan favorite. Bullets come at you in slow motion in this game. This is efficient for a handful of reasons. You are able to dodge the bullets, hit them away, or even return them to the sender by catching it in your hand and throwing it at the robot. This makes for fun gameplay as your finish missions and different levels throughout Robo Recall. 

Overall this game is something I’m going to be coming back to. With plenty of games that lack a true feel for guns in VR, Robo Recall did this one right. This game can be and should be played by everyone. With a price point of $29.99, you are going to enjoy every single penny that you are going to spend. 


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