PlayStation is having their State of Play event next Tuesday, September 21st, at 4 PM EST. this event will be highlighting the newest and best titles that are making their way to the PlayStation platform. Here, we can expect to see both console exclusives and PSVR exclusives announced. This is coming three days before the huge Facebook Oculus Connect event. Awfully interesting timing, right?

There could be plenty of reasons for this quick turnaround time for the live stream, but we will dive into those later. 

The State of Play event is very similar to the Nintendo Direct event. This is where Sony is planning on announcing their biggest games that are on their way for the holiday season of 2019. We are expecting to see Iron man VR and No Man’s Sky VR. No Man’s Sky was released for the PC platform virtual reality headsets, but the PSVR headset has yet to see any action from the top game of the year. 

This live stream will likely mention and highlight the virtual reality games, but that won’t be their main focus for this event. Sony could very well announce the partnership with Respawn Entertainment, and possibly give the skeleton outline of a VR game they will be working on, but anything past that is just wishful thinking. The main focus of this event will be The Last Part of Us Part II. This is Naughty Dog’s sequel, and they will be hosting their own live stream, likely highlighting the new game as well. 

It is not surprising that Sony is looking to hype their fan base up with an event in the middle of the workday, but it is very shocking that they are scheduling it right before the Oculus Connect event. Sony doesn’t need to rent out a huge venue for the stream, and they could essentially do it at any time. With Respawn’s AAA first-person shooter looking to make its first appearance next weekend at the OC6 event, Sony could possibly be looking to overshadow the event with huge gaming announcements of their own. 

Oculus is set to unveil the next chapter of AR and VR next week, but that could all of the anticipation for this even could very well be used by the fans during the Sony event. Although Sony isn’t trying to launched any new hardware, history tells us that their exclusive games can get more attention that other companies hardware announcements. This is a fantastic idea from Sony to schedule their event essentially right before the Oculus event, but only time will tell if it is actually going to worth the efforts of tossing the stream together in less than a week after the announcement. 

Along with exclusive game announcements from Oculus on their way next week, we are expecting an inside look at what Facebook and Oculus have been working on for their next launch of hardware. It is no secret that Oculus has been in the business of augmented reality for some time, but it will be interesting to see how much they reveal. Other things to keep an eye out for is wearable haptics, eye tracking, and external finger tracking. The patents have been flying from Oculus for the last few years for all of these things, but we have yet to see any advancements in their hardware and software. If this is truly the next chapter of AR and VR, the next step is going to be a defining one. Next week is going to be a busy one, so make sure to check back at for all of your VR and AR updates. 


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