Facebook and Oculus have taken knocks in the past year about not listening to their customers wants and needs. Even yesterday, Oculus gave a half-good answer about what they are planning to do with the Original Rift CV1 cables given out. Although listening and helping their customers haven’t been their strongest point of emphasis in past years, it seem like Oculus is trying to turn that around.

Yesterday, September 5, Oculus emailed us with a survey to have us tell them how we few them, their products, and their mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You can read that email below. 



Were collecting feedback about our virtual reality experience and products. You’ve been selected to take a survey because you are a valued Oculus owner. 

The survey asks questions about the Oculus app for iPhone and Android and your usage of the app. It should take about 10 minutes to complete. We will be collecting responses until September 15th. Qualtrics, an independent research firm, is sending this survey to you on our behalf. 

The feedback we receive from this survey will help us improve our products. Your responses will be used for research purposes only. We’ll collect and use your data in accordance with our Oculus Data Use Policy. 


The Oculus User Research Team 


As you can see in the email above, the Oculus Team is trying to get feedback on what they can do better to improve their overall experience as a company. They know they are the most popular virtual reality brand, so staying in favor the masses is key going forward. Lets dive into what questions were asked and dissect them below. 


Do you currently own an Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, or Oculus Rift S?

Which of the devices do you own? Select all that apply. 

Which device do you personally use the most?

Who is the primary user of that device?

Do you have the Oculus app on your phone?

Which of the following reasons describe why you initially installed the Oculus app on your phone? Select all that apply. 

Which of the following reasons most affected your decision to initially install the app?

When you do open he Oculus app on your phone, which of the following activities do you typically engage in?

Which of the following activities is most important for you to be able to do on the Oculus app?

Please provide any other feedback you have about the Oculus app. 


As you can tell from the questions and the email itself, Oculus is obsessed with making their app ad VR experience the best it can be right now. Also, at the end of the survey the Oculus team asks if you are interested in participating in a paid follow-up interview. They say that not everyone would be selected, but it was an option to click yes. 

Although it would’ve been fantastic to give a little more feedback on the Oculus experience as a whole, the company inquiring about the app is also a good sign. It may look sleek and nice, but the app is slowly falling behind. Look at the iOS App Store. That is constantly evolving and focusing on customers experiences, but the Oculus App simply feels like they are trying to sell you something each time that you open it. Like we said in the open response, they need to focus on customer experiences, and not just trying to shove applications down our throat. Until they figure that out, the Oculus app won’t be anything more than a fun casting feature. 


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