It is going to be sometime before we hear about the sales of the Oculus Quest, but we have already heard about the amount of content that the headset is selling. The number they provided didn’t surprise, but the lack of information provided with it did. 

Facebooks VP of AR and VR Andrew Bosworth recently said at a Code Conference that the company had seen north of $5 million in content sales from the Quest itself. We are left unsure if this number was the total revenue, or total profits, but no matter how you look at it, that is a big number. Oculus and Facebook have declined to make clear what this number represents. 

One question that people wonder often when it comes to game sales, is the distribution of the paid funds. We are unsure how much of the $5 million has been spread across to developers, but we are certain that Oculus and Facebook are being fair with how they slice the cake. Oculus also didn’t comment on which games were selling the most, but we have used our fine detective skills to uncover some answers. 

Coming in at first place for reviews written, is Beat Saber. As of last night, Beat Saber had roughly 1,500 reviews left for the quest version. This means that it is (probably) the highest selling game on the Oculus Store as of right now. In a close second, we saw Vader Immortal: Episode 1. This doesn’t come as a surprise, as it is Oculus Exclusive, and one of the few light saber games where you get to fight real enemies, and not colorful blocks that make music. 

Both of these games have been leading sales on the Quest, but the developers for them are not the only ones benefitting from their success. Now that the Quest is doing such a great job selling games and making them popular, more game developers will have the freedom and invitation to help make the Quest and the game library even bigger and better than ever. 

Facebook is banking on the Quest making VR a mainstream way to game. If the momentum for developers can continue on an upward spiral, and the headset can continue to sell out of every store it gets to, there will be nothing in the way of virtual reality being the next big thing. The Oculus Quest requires no phone, PC, or even outside tracking to function. As opposed to the “other” Oculus standalone headset – The Oculus Go – the quest allows six degrees of freedom in the motions you make, and has two controllers. This makes gaming on this headset a new and full experience. 

Looking forward, we can expect more exclusive titles to join the Quest. We have already see a handful of them come out, and we know of several more that we cannot release information on at this point in time. We can assure that the next generation of gaming is in great hands. 


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