There could be a few things that could be happening right now, but we know one thing for certain. The Oculus Rift is sold out nearly everywhere. This could just be that the Oculus Rift is selling out faster than usual and that the company is having a hard time keeping up. It could mean their new update is impressive to many consumers. This could also mean (and likely mean) that the company is clearing shelves for their next big headset. Considering that there hasn’t been any noticeable price drops in the last few months, it might be time for the Oculus Rift S. 

Many believe that the Rift S is going to be an upgraded version of the Rift, which would make sense. Considering that the Oculus Quest is already a standalone headset and a very powerful gaming headset, the Rift S will most likely feature technology in the headset never seen before for a gaming headset. 

Variety was the first to share reports this, as the Rift is sold out through many retailers including New Egg, Best Buy, Microsoft Store, Micro Center, as well as many European retailers including big names like Media Markt, Curry’s, and Game. The only two retailers that have the Rift still in stock is Amazon US, and Oculus itself. 

In a report is this past November, the codenamed project ‘Casper’ was shelved. It was supposed to be a complete redesign of the Oculus gaming headset, but now it will be a modest upgrade. This upgrade will include some great inside-out tracking and a higher resolution displays. This new headset is supposed to be announced sometime in the near future, and ship out in this year as well. 

For more Oculus headset news, check out what we believe the Oculus Rift S should feature. 


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