Revive, the port to play Oculus exclusive games on the Vive and other headsets have been out for a couple years now. Although we have seen the games playable, many people have shied away from them due to lack of controller fluidity. 

The controllers that you use with the headset of your choice to play the Oculus exclusive games have always felt a bit chunky and unreliable. This doesn’t go well with any virtual game that you need hands, or anything that controllers are used for. This has finally changed. Because the Valve Index controllers offer input-parity with Oculus Touch controllers, the experience finally feels playable and very enjoyable. 

Facebook has always tried to protect their own content with all of their souls. They never were a big fans of Revive. Revive is an unofficial modification, and is completely free to anyone that wants to use it. Facebook has been powerless in shutting them down. The best could ever do was to was make their exclusive titles a complete pain to play in the VR space. They did that very successfully for a large amount of time. Their time has finally come to an end. 

The Oculus touch controllers have a thumb stick, two buttons next to the thumb stick, a grip button, and a trigger button on the side of the controller. Because the explosive titles have been designed to play with this controller exclusively, Vive and other companies have had a hard time making the software of their controllers similar to the hardware of the Touch controller. The Oculus controller can also track your finger pointing. 

The experience with other controllers has been frustrating, but you can definitely still play the games. It is not something you will want to keep going back to, but if you’re dying to try out new exclusive games, this is a solid option. 

This is where the Valve Index controllers come in. 

The Index controllers controllers have been the talk of the virtual town for sometime now. The tracking will keep all five of your fingers tracked, there is a thumb stick like the Oculus Touch Controllers, and even two buttons. The shaft of the controller will act both like the trigger and the grip buttons from the Rift controller. This is something that we have been waiting for a very long time. 

Revive has recently released a new and more stable update. Without a doubt, this was to ensure the Index controllers would be working the best they could with the new software. When you download any exclusive game, the tutorial will also show you how to best optimize the controller for a greta experience inside of the game. Even here, the Vive controllers would never perform well. 

With the Index controllers ready to go, you will not experience any problems in the tutorial. In there you will need to throw and pick up objects, and the Valve controllers can do that perfectly. 

In games like Robo Recall and Echo Arena that are exclusive, you will need to be constantly switching guns, throwing objects, and even throwing people. None of this would be possible without the great design from Valve. The strap on the controller will keep your hand in place even if you completely let go of the controller. This makes for picking up objects, dropping objects, and even throwing them much more of a natural movement. 

If you have been plagued by bad controller for Revive, the time is now to purchase controllers from Valve. We have been impressed by how well they are working with Oculus exclusive content. 


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