Just last Friday, September 6th, NBA 2K20 was released. The 2K development team used a snap code at the bottom of the cover to make the cover athlete, Anthony Davis, come to life where ever you are. After the brief introduction, the game trailer will then be playing virtually on top of your game case. This is the the first time the 2K development team has dabbled inside of augmented reality, and it was truly a success. 

You can scan the code in the Snapchat app below to see the trailer.

They teamed up with Snapchat to make this possible, an app that almost everybody has downloaded on their phone at least once or twice. Snapchat has been the king of AR on mobile devices for some time, so 2K pulled them on the new feature of their hard copy of the game. Sadly, this is about the only new and impressive thing about this game. Many fans are calling for their money back and for producers to be fired. 

Around 5 AM EST, the Twitter world was bombarded with #fix2k20 and #fireronnie2k. Ronnie 2K is the public voice of the developing studio, but he is on record lying about many features in this game. Some of the biggest selling points of this game aren’t even in the game, and some of the older ones are being featured inside of the game. Many customers feel like they just spent more money for a game they already have, and rightfully so. This game is nearly a reshot of the 2019 model that was released last September. 

Along with the features that were promised never showing, there has been outrage about the amount of micro transactions the game is trying to force on their loyal customers. There is a new gambling section of this game, and many players feel like 2K is just trying to steal their money. If you check the reviews on Metacrtic and Steam, it feels like the game is being largely criticized. If you are looking for a good review, we will drop that below form JoePortes

“The user reviews on Metacritic and Steam are not a true reflection of the game. It’s just people who are upset over optional microtransactions. Yes, not much changes in sports games each year… But that’s how they’ve always been. Basketball is the same sport every year, so I imagine it’s hard to innovate on the video game version. What you can do, however, is make changes to how the game plays and feels to make it closer to an accurate simulation of the sport. That’s what I’ll address:

So far, it feels great to me. As a big basketball fan and somehow who appreciates hardcore simulation play, I notice lots of improvements. If you’re looking for a more arcadey experience, this isn’t it. You actually to need to be concious of player energy and not abuse the sprint button this year. Also, defense is improved and it’s therefore harder to score, but that just means calling plays is more necessary. All in all, it’s gotten more realistic and feels even closer to real basketball — that could be a turnoff to some. And there’s some interesting changes like new badges and Evolution cards (love this) in MyTeam.

As a MyTeam player who doesn’t spend any $ on VC, NBA 2k feels worth it to buy every year. I could understand MyCareer feeling like pay to win to some, but, really, it’s more like “pay to improve stats faster.” You can still play the game the way it’s intended and level up your MyPlayer without spending $. I do also agree the company is pretty damn greedy and stuff like product placement is getting really gross… But what am I gonna do, play Live? Good one.”

As you can tell from the customers review above, its not all bad. At the end he mentions he won’t play NBA Live, and that is in large part because they don’t make the game anymore. 2K is the only NBA game on the market right now, so they feel like they have a solid monopoly on the market. But with consistent bad gameplay and bad reviews, it is hard to see a future where they keep selling at their high rates. 


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