Mojang’s augmented reality application has been in the works for over a year, and the public is finally getting a taste at what the gaming company has been up to with their latest project. Minecraft is the most popular creative open-world game in the world (sorry Fortnite Creative), and getting it on mobile devices with a shared server is a huge step forward. If you haven’t heard all of the hype about this game, you must have been staying away from gaming news for some time now. 

Minecraft was first played over ten years ago, and it hasn’t evolved much. It started out as controlling a blocky character inside of a blocky environment, and it is still the same thing in the augmented reality version of the game. Of course, the developers could do a massive overhaul of the games graphics and core, but what it is today is still what it’s known for, and it would most likely not benefit the company in the slightest. People aren’t complaining about the blockiness of the game, so there is no real reason to change it up just yet. 

First available on consoles and desktop, Minecraft was thought to be the next big thing. It was, and here we are, over 10 years later, still talking about it. 

What is Minecraft Earth?

Minecraft Earth is an open-world AR game with shared servers. When you mix Pokemon and Minecraft together, you get Minecraft Earth. The layout of this game, when zoomed out, is your world around you. To start the game, you’ll be asked to collect “tappables”, and that is when you realize you’ll have to stand up and walk around. Although that is a moment we all dread, it can be welcomed when you are doing it for resources inside of Minecraft Earth. 

To access the full power of this game, you are going to need to enable the camera access on your smartphone. This game is fun when you are going around collecting objects, but it is going to shine brightest when you are placing buildplates in the world around you and building the way you want to. The developers made sure to add pre-made buildplates for those who don’t want to spend hours trying to create the masterpiece that they have been dreaming about. 

It is important to note that this game is still in early access, so not all of the final features in this game are present yet, and there are going to be a few bugs to work out. 

How do you build in Minecraft Earth?

Although it may be simple when you first jump into the game, it is a pretty simple step. To build indoors and refine your structures, you’ll want to jump into the build mode. If you are wanting to place it in the real world or place a real object, you’ll want to go into “play mode” which is right next to build. It doesn’t say play, but it is the little play button next to the word build. From there, you can use and access anything in that you previously have put in your backpack. 

How do you play Minecraft Earth?

Playing Minecraft Earth is a lot like Pokemon Go. You’ll run around (literally) the town collecting trees, cows, different types of building blocks, and anything else that is going to spawn on your part of the Minecraft map. When you are close enough to a tappable object, your phone will give you a small vibration and indicate you can collect the object. We have found that this is typically a big 100-meter radius of where your phone is at any given time. 

To get more pre-made maps, you’ll want to gain XP and level up. This is done by walking while the app is open and collecting more tappable items. You are also going to get a big boost from challenges and adventures, but we have yet to receive any for our area. From what we are hearing though, they are pretty expansive and fun to play, so you can expect the rewards to be pretty high when you complete any of the missions. 

The bottom of the default home screen has five different pars of the game for you to explore. Each of these put you in a different menu, and it guides you to what you should be doing next. 

As for driving and playing Minecraft Earth, we have found the sweet spot of the speed to be anything below 15 mph. Anything faster, and the game will remind you to put your phone away while driving. Anything below, you will be on your way to higher XP and more tappables. We don’t recommend playing and driving though, as you should leave that responsibility to a trusted friend that isn’t playing Minecraft Earth. 

What Phone can I play Minecraft Earth with?

If you have an iPhone or an Android, you are in luck. As for the software, you will need to be running iOS 10 or later, and Android 7 or later. If you meet those requirements, you will be able to go to your preferred app store and download this game. Like most new games, the newer your phone, the better it will perform with this app. Regardless of your phone though, it is going to take up a considerable amount of battery if you are playing for long periods of time. It is a heavy game on your phone when you are using the camera, so you’ll need to be mindful of that as you play this game. 

Where can I play Minecraft Earth?

You can play Minecraft Earth anywhere your camera is going to open up. We don’t highly recommend playing this game indoors, but it can still be done. You could fine-tune your structures and add some finishing touches indoor, but to place them in an environment that is going to be sustainable and permanent, you will need to be outdoors for that. To operate indoors, you’ll need to go into the build mode. It’s easy to get confused with the play mode, as they are next to each other. To build, press build. To play, press the little play button next to it. 

Can you customize your avatar?

There are multiple customizable skins in this game, and they are pretty expansive. From facial hair to the color and length of your pants, you are going to be able to customize plenty in this game when it comes to how you are represented in this game. You won’t be seeing yourself in the play mode or the build mode, but you will be seeing your digital representation while you are on the map in the game. 

You can edit your character throughout this game and you will also be able to change them in the middle of your adventures as well. Mojang has seen the success Fortnite has had with the skins, and they are hoping to emulate that with this game, to some degree. 


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