A new attraction at The Void should be coming on line this week featuring your favorite avengers, including Spider-Man and Ultron – among others.

Marvel Studios, along with ILMxLAB have been working to bring a new immersive experience to location-based VR experience centers. The Void will be presenting this experience to it’s customers in what looks to be a thrilling experience

The inclusion of both Spider-Man and Ultron are a welcome addition to an attraction featuring the Avengers. It was in 2015 that Ultra was defeated by the Avengers in the film Avengers: Age of Ultron, so his cameo should be a fun twist to the avenger storyline. It is also notable that Spider-Man will be featured in this attraction with the license rights to Spider-Man are owned by Sony and disputes over inclusion of Spider-Man in Avenger films has been in heated negotiations.

However it happened, we are excited to experience what looks to be an immersive experience that allows us to dive deep into the Marvel Comic Universe of Avengers.

Avengers: Damage Control will features other super hero favorites, like Hulk, Antman, Wasp, Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Falcon, and a massive amount of Tony Stark tech.

We look forward to a hands-on review of this new title from Marvel and hope it will be just as exciting as the story trailer teases.


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