Whether you’re a comic book fan or the average movie goer, there is no denying that Marvel made some of the best movies in the past decade. Their reign started back in 2008 when the first Iron Man movie was released, and the legend of Iron Man began. This movie launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since then, Marvel has released multiple movies that have broken countless records for box-office sales and impressions. As most good movie series do, video game tie-ins were plentiful. None of them were ever good as this virtual reality version of Iron Man will be. 

It may have been from a lack of technology to make the game how the developers wanted, or a lack of dedication from the developers themselves, but the video games that were tied to the MCU never really took off. The Spider-Man game that Sony released as a PS4 exclusive was hyped up, but ultimately lost players in just a short few months. Even with that game, it was a Sony exclusive with very few ties to the real MCU. Any other version of Marvel games often would fail to grab the excitement of a full gaming community, and the gamers that did Olay were often left feeling confused and tricked into playing something bad. 

The newest version of Iron Man inside of VR is going to change the narrative slightly, even though it may just be inside of VR and exclusive to the PlayStation VR headsets. 

There has been a short demo that was released to some players, and the PSVR community is eating it up. In this short test flight, you are able to test different methods of flight and different styles of attacking enemies. In this tutorial styled demo, you are going to flying around the outside of Starks home. This is the home that is destroyed pretty early on in the series of movies, so this may be a hint at what kind of action with super-heroes and super-villains we are going have. 

The biggest problem with Iron Man games in the past, and the biggest problem with many VR games in general, is the flying locomotion systems. It is hard to truly be immersed in a flying game, especially when it comes to turning. Because this is a PlayStation exclusive game, you will be limited to the capabilities of PlayStation VR. This means that the single camera setup is going to limit your mobility while in Tony’s suit. You will not be having any sort of grip controls on the controller either. 

If you are familiar and comfortable with the PS Move controllers already, you aren’t going to notice the grips missing, but you will feel like the game has a real place for them to be used. On top of that, the single camera setup doesn’t allow you to move your head too freely, so to change places that you are looking is done by clicking buttons on the controller. 

These are the only two glaring problems in a teaser demo that is very impressing. Iron Man VR is going to be fun game for any and all VR enthusiasts. Once you get the hang of flying and fighting at the same time, the game really starts to get even more fun. You will be flying and blasting your way over the ocean in no time. 

With a price point that is still to be released, we should be expecting a game that will be in the $30-$40 range. The launch is still expected to be in 2019, but more towards the end of the holiday season. For more VR news and gaming news, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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