HTC Vive is no longer selling the HTC Vive Pro and the Vive Focus in response to their latest version of headsets finally hitting the market. The older headsets will be phasing out as the supply is slowly leaking off of their website. 

When Roadtovr reached out to Vive to get a statement on the status of some of their older headsets, they said they would be discontinuing a few. This doesn’t help the mess of headsets they have made with the somewhat-confusing modular options on the Cosmos, but it gives some insight and lets us know they are paying attention. 

Vive Pro

The Vive Pro launched back in 2018, but is being replaced in product lines by the Vive Pro Eye. The Pro Eye is essentially the same headset as the Vive Pro, just with high-end eye tracking and gaze detection. The Pro was originally launched in three different packages. The Starter Kit, the Full Kit, and the McLaren Limited Edition are all going to be phased out and the production has stopped fully. 

All three of those models will be replaced by the Vive Pro Eye Full Kit, the Vive Pro Eye Office, and the Vive Pro Eye Office Arena. Vive isn’t taking headsets out of the shelves, simply cycling them through… and tossing out old ones in the process. 

This is going to make the buying process for possible Vive customers much easier. For enterprise customers looking for a tethered experience, the Pro Eye series is easy to follow and know what you are getting into. Vive also isn’t selling the old 1.0 SteamVR stations anymore. All headsets with base stations inside of the kit will now be featuring 2.0 SteamVR tracking. This is a huge upgrade from the typical 1.0 we saw with the Vive Pro. 

Vive Focus

As for the Vive Focus, that headset is being stopped in favor of the Vive Focus Plus. The Vive Focus launched for price point of $600 for a standalone enterprise-focused VR headset. The only problem? The headset didn’t come with any 6DoF controllers. Odd, but sadly true. The company then followed the headset up with the Vive Focus Plus, the same headset with some stellar 6DoF tracking controllers. 

It has become standard for headsets to be shipped with 6DoF controllers. Whether you are shipping out a standalone VR gaming headset or an enterprise-focused PC VR headset, you need some awesome controllers. 

Its going to take a few months for all of these updates to the product line to take place, but it is important to know that they are coming. As of right now, you can check out the line of products that Vive is still actively producing. 

PC Headsets

  • Vive Pro Eye
  • Vive Pro Eye Office
  • Vive Pro Eye Office Arena
  • Vive Cosmos Play
  • Vive Cosmos
  • Vive Cosmos Elite
  • Vive Cosmos XR

Standalone Headsets

  • Vive Focus Plus

It is clear Vive is working on bringing some clarity it their already-confusing line of products. For more VR news and gaming hardware updates, make sure to check back at


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