Hp has been planning for a new high-resolution virtual reality headset for some time now. This new comfortable headset will technically be a part of the Windows Mixed Reality platform.  The codename for this project is “copper” and that is what we will refer to this headset as. There is no solid release fate or price set yet, but the production and final product is nearly done. This looks nothing like the headsets that have been linked to Windows Mixed Reality, and nothing near the first ten HP headset we saw as well. 

This headset looks more like a Oculus Rift than anything else, although this headset will most likely out preform the Rift, especially in the resolution. The Copper will feature 2160 x 2160 pixels per eye. Although that doesn’t beat the Pimax 8K headset or the Google x LG new prototype, this will surely outdo the Rift and Vive. The resolution isn’t the only impressive thing about this headset either. The clarity inside is supposedly second to none in that department. Those two things don’t make up the entire display though. There are reports that the field of view will not be improving, and that is something most VR headsets could do a better job on. 

Another thing Copper is supposed to be improving on is comfort. Most of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets have been essentially plastic rings placed around your head. No one knows the specific weight just yet, but it recorded to be fairly light and soft on the head. The headset features built-in cameras like the other Windows Mixed Reality headsets which can add some weight, but this leads to the easy setup that they are known for. 

This headset is anticipated to be available to any consumer upon its release, but as most Windows Mixed Reality have been based more for business than entertainment, the Copper will most likely be the same. 

Other than the Samsung Odyssey, there hasn’t been much of any hardware news regarding Windows Mixed Reality. This will most likely slowly take over the whole platform, and this headset will soon become the golden standard for “mixed reality.” The Hololens is the only Microsoft made product that actually includes mixed reality, and the rest of the headsets are essentially virtual reality. 

Hp is set to release new information regarding Copper this year, although the date is not set for that drop. It is a good bet that it will release this year, meaning we should get information shortly. Considering that the product is nearly done, new specs should soon be coming.

Check back here for updates on the story. 


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