Half-Life: Alyx, the premier VR game from Valve Software, has finally received the hard release date. This game was first revealed a few months ago with the tagline ‘coming March 2020’, and it left many people anxious about a real release date. Valve has been known to push back releases, but this game won’t see that. 

Valve’s newest game, Half-Life: Alyx, is coming out on March 23rd 2020. This will be the biggest VR game release of the year. 

In a tweet from the official Valve account, we got some more screenshots of the game too. They said that “Pre-Order bonuses for anyone who has purchased a Valve Index will start rolling out the week of March 2nd, beginning with Steam VR Home environments inspired by locations in Half-Life: Alyx. We will have more information on upcoming Valve Index availability soon.”

Big news in many different places. If you own or bought a Valve Index before the end of 2019, you are going to get HLA for free. Starting the first week of March, these lucky individuals will be able to download some extra and free perks. It will all start with the new SteamVR home with environments that are inspires by HLA. 

(Click here for a countdown to Half-Life: Alyx!)

This could be the start of the SteamVR 2.0 update that we are expecting to see before the initial release of HLA, but there is not confirmation on this subject just yet, just speculation. 

An update to the availability of the Valve Index is also coming. The headset has been sold out for nearly three months, the longest it has gone without a sale since the launch. The Index is the best consumer headset on the market, and Valve knows it. There’s not a bunch of backorders to fill, so getting it available should be quick and prompt before the launch of game. 

This is a story that will continue to grow as the days go on and Valve releases and teases more information. For more VR news and gaming updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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