Facebook held their quarterly earnings call yesterday, and Mr. Zuckerberg had some insightful news regarding the content sales from the Oculus Store. The CEO of the company said that on Christmas Day alone, the company pulled in nearly $5 Million in content sales simply from the Oculus Store software. 

Zuckerberg acknowledges that the Christmas spike in sales is an “outlier day”, but that it is still “real volume by any measure”, and we couldn’t agree more. He also commented on how this is proof the the ecosystem is thriving and still progressing. 

The term ‘Oculus Store’ is a blanket over the three different stores for the Oculus headsets. The Rift Platform, the Oculus Quest, and the Oculus Go all have their own separate portals that have specific games and experiences for the headset. Each store likely had a good number of sales, but the Quest was most likely the winner. 

It is the only $400, and is a standalone headset capable of high-end gaming. The Oculus Rift S is capable of high-end gaming was well, but it requires a PC that is going to set consumers back at least $1,000. The Oculus Go is a fantastic headset as well, but the recent price reduction only shows the consumers are leaning towards the Quest. The Go is meant for media consumption, as three degrees of freedom don’t allow for much gaming. 

The Oculus Quest is powered by the Snapdragon 835 mobile chip. If you understand that, you understand that the headset is capable of some real power. 

The Oculus Quest was also sold out for most of December. Had it not been, the sales numbers inside of the Oculus Store would have likely eclipsed the $5 Mil benchmark. That number has been tossed around a few times before too. 

Back at a Code Conference in June of 2019, the company said that they made nearly $5 in a span of 14 days when the Quest was released. Nearly breaking that number in one day is simply absurd. If this doesn’t incentivize developers to make their games up to Facebooks standards now, we aren’t sure what will. 

This is a great accomplishment, and it won’t be the last great feat from the ever-growing Oculus brand. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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