If you have Beat Saber, chances are that you’re getting pretty tired of the same old songs when you play this terrific game. We all have the opportunity to buy and play the Imagine Dragons pack of music, but even this new package can become old at points throughout your week. With Beat Saber knowing the struggle of their everyday players, they are constantly striving to make a more polished and new product for their customers with every single release they have. This upcoming week we can expect new free songs to be on Beat Saber, regardless of the platform you are playing on. 

The news broke from the official Beat Saber Twitter account, and they weren’t shy with giving us hints at what to expect. These songs “already exist” and are going to be a part of a free update that is coming. “If all goes well, we will be releasing them next week!” Is what the tweet also included. I’m sure everybody is hopeful of the company letting things all work out and the new songs being released this week. New Beat songs need to be added and Beat Saber knows that better than anybody else. You can check out the tweet below. 

The teaser picture is of a cat, although we are not sure how it is connected very well. The company says it is somehow connected but there is a lot it could mean. Does it have to do with the new trailer for the incredibly ridiculous Cats movie? Is the cat in shock because of the new 360° levels? Is the cat shocked because this new update has Old Town Road and the cat never saw that coming? There is a lot it could mean but for now we will leave the guesses up to you guys in the comments, and we will worry about what this means for the gaming studio going forward. 

In recent weeks we have known that Beat Saber is planning on releasing 360° levels inside of their games, but we are unsure if this is the time to do it. Some signs point to it, some signs don’t. Let’s dive into it and we will see what it means exactly. In all other releases of new music Beat Saber hasn’t made it a point to say that they need to test the songs out. It is usually a plug and go situation. If you need to test the songs out, it most likely means that there is a new element in them, right? No one can be sure of this. Maybe there wasn’t much thought put into this tweet and we are just reading into it, but that is the fun part. 

For the 360° levels we would suppose that the studio would first introduce it with their own original music, and it would be a bigger deal than this seems to be. The company clearly had something big to announce, but with no leaks and other signs pointing to this being the big release, we are skeptical to say this is something bigger than what Beat Saber says it is. Just a few free songs that are going on the free market for Beat Saber players. 

Could this be the time the studio releases the new song that is supposed to be harder than anything else we have seen in the short life of this game? This could be the week that we get a shot at the level that is supposed to push the limits of every headset that plays Beat Saber and pushes the limit of every player that considers themselves an expert on any level of Beat Saber.  Could we finally get a chance to play Rap God on Beat Saber? Unlikely, but we are sure hopeful. 

It is hard to be sure, but whatever the Studio has in store is sure to be one of the best releases that we have seen for this game. 


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