Just two hours before the massive Pistol Whip release, Beat Saber attempted to steal some thunder with a somewhat large announcement of their own. Beat Saber has some new music for their customers, and it’s a big collaboration. Rocket League inspired music is now available on all platforms for Beat Saber. We will drop the links below to purchase from your desired location. This music was also produced by Monstercat, the same company, and producers that are responsible for the fun and original soundtrack you hear on Rocket League. 

To purchase on the Steam Store: https://t.co/7DyKsiN7fJ?amp=1

To purchase on the Oculus Rift: https://t.co/sVlVKNMMIO?amp=1

To purchase on the PlayStation VR: https://t.co/1slBrDtpdm?amp=1

There are six new songs in the pack, and they will be played in a Rocket League themed environment as well. This is a pretty big release, coming right in front of one of the biggest game releases of the year from Cloudhead Games. Even the tweet reminds all of the players to press play on Beat Saber, and not pause. You can check out the tweet below. 

If you go to the mentions of the tweet located below when you click on it, you will notice the mixed feedback from the community. Some couldn’t be more excited, some are neutral on the idea, and some are even wondering if this is actually the “big news” they have been waiting over a week for. Although it isn’t the most exciting news in the world, it is still more effort than most developers are putting in when their games area already incredibly successful. 

Another part of this amazing news is the money-making ability this pack possesses for content creators. This pack is content ID free, meaning the streamers and people who post long clips of their gameplay on the internet can monetize it and earn money from the streams. If you were wanting to do this with other music from the game that wasn’t made by Beat Saber, there was a lengthy process that needed to get completed before you could think about putting one of the other songs on your stream or in your videos. 

Beat Saber is clearly aware of the buzz that Pistol Whip is generating, but Beat Games has nothing to worry about. Even this DLC pack release was a flex of the guns Beat Saber has. Pistol Whip has been showing songs that are all EMD heavy music. Although that is what plenty of virtual reality players like to listen to, there is a wider audience that could be reigned in if they add more music. 

We aren’t sure on the kind of music that Pistol Whip will be going after in the coming months, but we know that if it isn’t equal to or better than Beat Saber, they will have a hard time competing with the community Beat Saber has made. 


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