The Oculus blog writers had a busy day yesterday, but not nearly as busy as the developers of Audica have had over the past half-year. This game first was released on Early Access in March of 2019, but has since been taking lumps of players away from other hit games. Audica may seem like another Beat Saber knock-off, but the smooth mechanics and the clean mechanics are something that is nearly unforgettable. This game will put you in a different world of audio than any other VR game can right now. Audica is now out on the Rift platform, so pick up your copy today!

This game will give you guns with lasers that come out of the front of them, and your goal in the game is to hit the notes with the accuracy and timing with the most effort you can muster up. The notes will be coming at you from all different angles, but luckily not behind you. This game isn’t played with the 360° some games try to play with, and this is for the better. You won’t be getting motion sick from all of the movement in this game. 

The newest part about Audica 1.0 is the campaign mode. This isn’t going to be putting you against zombies and the undead in this game and blasting them with your gun, but it will be helping you progress throughout the game and the four levels of difficulty that you will be facing. This doesn’t have much of a storyline here, but it does have a progressive way you play this game. 

This game was made well before Pistol Whip, but the two have some serious similarities. The biggest difference is that in Pistol Whip, you will be moving throughout the level, and in Audica you will be standing still the entire game. You can get your copy of Audica on the Oculus Rift store today. 

Machu Picchu To Appear On The Quest

Oculus rereleased the National Geographic Explore VR app for the Oculus Quest back in the spring of 2019, and since then, fans have been able to travel to unseen edges of our world. This isn’t the typical Google Earth experience, as you are able to travel across the world through different experiences in this VR app. Whether it be kayaking down a snowy path in the Netherlands or climbing a massive ice shelf with the world’s best climbers, this app is able to give you every experience you have ever wanted inside of virtual reality. 

Coming soon, Machu Picchu will be able to explore this fantastic app. Like many other experiences from National Geographic, this will be an interactive experience. You will have the chance to travel the ins and outs of this discovered city inside of the mountains of Peru. This app will also be making digital reconstructions while you travel through, giving you a good history lesson and some insight on how the city eroded. 

Inside of this VR experience, you will also get to interact with some of the most storied artifacts from this once-hidden city. This is one of the most ground-breaking virtual reality interactive experiences we have yet to see from any developing studio, and its no shock to us that it’s coming from the world power National Geographic. We have said it before, and we will say it again. If Oculus can stay on top of this exclusive content while maintaining the amazing hardware they have, no company will be able to keep up with them. With their constant software updates and their ability to push the boundaries of the norm, Oculus will continue to be a power in this industry. 

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