It has been known since June that the Oculus Quest was going to be a home for Arizona Sunshine, but the exact date was never known. As projects like these often are, a few months of silence came from all parties while the game was in the works for the newest standalone headset platform from Oculus. The silence has finally broke, as Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive have announced that their hit game, Arizona Sunshine, is coming to the Oculus Quest on December 5th. 

This is going to be the full version that is brought to the Quest. Vertigo put plenty of time optimizing this game for the rigorous specifications of the Quest, and they had to rebuild it from the ground up. It wasn’t an easy task, but they were able to recreate everything that makes this game special on the PC VR headsets

If you are interested in buying this game for your Quest, the time is now. If you pre-order the game (any purchase of the game before December 2nd), you will be receiving a 10% off discount. The game is $39.99 on the Oculus Store, so getting a discount should be welcome for anyone looking to buy. If you haven’t bought your PC copy yet, that is currently being priced at $19.99, 50% off the original price it is being sold at. Expect discounts like this on other games on Steam throughout the week. 

As for the multiplayer modes, we are sad to report that they won’t be cross-platform. One of the great features of Arizona Sunshine is the multiplayer mode. Quest users will need to make sure all of their friends are buying this game too if they are wanting a good experience on the servers. With that being said, the game is popular enough to fill the servers on a constant basis. 

There is a new Quest exclusive DLC that will be arriving throughout the next few months. This DLC will be different than the content that has been released for the PC VR version of the game, and it will be coming at no extra cost for those who own the game. The DLC comes in the form of new missions and will be giving those advanced zombie killers the ability to defeat more and more as the winter months keep coming. 

If you bought this game exclusively for the Rift platform through the Rift store, you will still need to buy the game for the Quest. Unfortunately, Vertigo did not enable cross-buy or cross-play on platforms. It makes sense, as they essentially had to recreate the game for the Oculus Quest. We expect this game to be at the top of the virtual leaderboards as people are being introduced to virtual reality over the holiday season. For more VR gaming news and community updates, make sure to check back at


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