Oculus Medium was created and designed to help people explore the possibilities of virtual reality outside of gaming. This has been an effective way to promote creating inside of headsets as well, and in the last three years, it has grown exponentially. Oculus Medium has been a part of production pipelines for a few years now, and now it is going to become even more mainstream. Oculus Medium is officially a part of the Adobe platform family. 

Adobe has been around for what feels like forever, as they are the industry leaders for software creation technologies. Some of their best tools are for 3D creation, much like Oculus Medium. Adobe Dimension and the Substance tools suite is one of their best-selling software, and they are about to add another powerhouse. Medium joining the Adobe family brings not only new technology to the Adobe family, but solidifies Medium’s place in the community as a top 3D sculpting app, regardless of platform. 

On top of all of these great features is the reach that Adobe is going to give Oculus Medium. It seems like the only people using virtual reality were the only people aware of Medium and the capabilities of Oculus’ creation. Now that Adobe has purchased Oculus Medium, we are going to have a chance to see new creations from people that aren’t solely invested inside of virtual reality. 

Oculus is looking at this as a solid step in the right direction for their software, as Adobe being interested to purchase is a great sign of some successful work. With that being said, it isn’t clicking for us on why Oculus would want to offload their successful work. Facebook and Oculus are two successful companies running a very successful line of VR work. Unless they thought that they already reached their own ceiling of reach for Medium, we aren’t sure about what would motivate them to let their best software go to a somewhat competing company. 

There could be a plethora of reasons to let it go, but none of them make a compelling argument on their own. It could’ve been a number of small reasons, but again, we doubt that. We do know that Facebook is constantly striving to earn cash rather than assets, and this could be a simple case of that. The numbers have been hidden around this negotiation, but we are certain that is was a big payday for Facebook and Oculus. 

Oculus also mentions that for Oculus Medium users, nothing is going to change immediately, but be cautious of upcoming changes in 2020 from Adobe. They anticipate new features, improvements, and bigger developments to come to the app in the upcoming year. We have not heard if Adobe is going to start charging Oculus users for the software, but we expect that information to released shortly. For more VR news and community updates, make sure to check back at VRGear.com


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