Coming off the developer notes being released for hand tracking, a lot of games are going to aim to have hand tracking in the coming months. Oculus isn’t taking submissions just yet, but countless developers are lining their games up with the software requirements to play on the Oculus Quest

This is an exciting time for VR users, and especially Oculus Quest owners. Even though the headset is currently sold out and unavailable, users are gearing up for the future of hand tracking. We have made a list of 5 games we are hoping to see incorporate hand tracking early on. 

I Expect You To Die 

This is one of the first game many people jump into when they first buy their headset. Having a controller in this game is helpful, but there are still many interactions that seem clunky. This doesn’t take away from the experience. The game is still one of the best of all time, but imagine if you could have hand tracking in this game. It would certainly change the entire dynamic of the game. If you were able to track hands with new DLC too? Game over for everyone else. 

Job Simulator 

Much like I Expect You To Die, this game relies heavily on the controller representing your hands in the virtual space. Throughout all of your different jobs in this game, you wish you had a little more control of your environment. This would be enabled by the hand tracking. With this game still providing plenty of money for the developers, you can expect them to add it in the near future. It would take their games to new heights while still maintaining the core of what makes it great. Quirky interactions and light-hearted VR experience. 

Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek is an obvious answer here. After rewatching all of the shows of Star Trek, I cannot remember any time where they were operating their ships with Oculus Touch controllers. What I do remember is the ships being controlled by a capable pair of hands. Enter hand tracking. Because this game is played with your friends or virtual friends, pulling one person into the game usually means you are pulling in more. If you are wanting a larger audience, putting hand taking into your game early on is going to be vital. Only the slow get left behind. 

Path of the Warrior 

Now this one would be much harder to pull off, but it would be much more satisfying than you think. Obviously if you are boxing in virtual reality, you want to hold onto something. Luckily for the consumers, this game is much more than simple boxing. Grabbing, punching, and throwing all will make an appearance in this game. If the devs were able to track the fast movements of a fighters hands somehow, this game could be one of the very best hand tracking games on the Quest store. Again, it would be hard, but incredibly satisfying to see work in VR. 

Dance Central 

Unlike most rhythm games in virtual reality, Dance Central wants you to dance, and only dance. You won’t be hitting cubes, punching the beat, or even trying to earn crazy rewards. The name of the game is to literally dance, so we need to just do that. I can’t remember the last time I saw someone, without a headset on, grooving to the beat with some Oculus Touch controllers in their hands. Although it would be difficult to detect the quick movements without embedded sensors, Dance Central could benefit from hand tracking in a huge way. 


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