The 3dRudder locomotion VR controller has been on the market for some time now. You can use this accessory for both PC VR and PlayStation VR, but both solutions require a wired connection. The France-based company is bringing a new standard to the market. This is a wireless solution for enterprise customers and consumers, and will be launching on March 30th. 

The newest model of the 3dRudder is being dubbed as the ‘Pro Wireless’ and is being aimed to work with the Oculus Quest and other Android-based standalone VR headsets. This locomotion solution will cost $200 on launch day. 

Yes, you see a wire connected to the new device. By ‘wireless’, the company means that it doesn’t need to be connected to a PC or headset. It simply needs some extra juice to run on. This allows the device to not store a battery, which means flying with this new device is going to be easier than ever. 

The 3dRudder Pro Wireless is following the same compatibility standards as the younger brother. It will connect with any SteamVR-compatible headsets without any issue, and the USB 2.0 connector is also going to help turn this controller into something that is compatible with other headsets. 

The 3dRudder controller idea is the same across of the companies devices. You place your foot in the center of the device and tilt to move. There has been a handful of games on each platform that have these mechanics baked in. The Quest store is going to be new to it though, so we can expect to see developers work hard in the next month to make sure that their game is supportive. 

It is made for enterprise consumers, but it doesn’t seem like it will be only limited to them. This is likely their best product now, so if you are in the market for a new one, it will be great purchase. We aren’t confident in the compatibility with the PSVR headset and Pro Wireless, so that is something you’ll need to keep an eye on going forward. 

This will be a great solution for any consumer or any business. For only $200, you have t eh chance to seriously reduce motion sickness inside of VR. For more VR news and gaming community updates, make sure to check back at


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